Live Dead & Friends Featuring Gary Backstrom

Live Dead & Friends

As part of the Live Dead and friends night at Railway, 11/12 is a special night for the band. Live Dead members have as a guest musician - Gary Backstrom on guitar for this show! Gary was the founding member of Jiggle the Handle, a successful and foundational band in the jamband genre. A bit about Gary:
Gary has played at High Sierra Fest and head lined Berkshire Mountain Music Fest , Strange Creek and Worm Town Music Fest . He has shared the stage with local favorites such as Max Creek, Assembly of Dust , Strange Folk, and Ryan Montbleua as well as opening for THE ALMAN BROS, DERICK TRUCKS, LOS LOBOS, SPIN DOCTORS, THE SAMPLES , LITTLE FEAT, RAT DOG , WIDE SPREAD PANIC , and has Played with Liberty Devito From , drummer of Billy Joel's Band ,While tourIng with the symphonic rock group Piano Men , playing rock concerts with various 60 piece orchestras around the country. Gary now has the Gary Backstrom Band- a local original band you should check out!
Join Live Dead and Friends for this special event. Original Live Dead lineup back again 12/10!
Pete Dennesen Bass
Kim Trigilio vocals
Tim Walsh Keyboards
Jack Howard Drums